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Latest News

Great news!!!

The New James Hall album is finished! Check out the latest blog at myspace.com/jameshall for more info.

For past news, please check out the news archive here.

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Welcome to heatwaveradio.co.uk, a website dedicated to the music of james hall.

James has been the biggest influence on my music over the last twelve years.

James started his career in the Atlanta based Mary My Hope and went on to release two amazing solo albums during the 1990's. The new millenium saw the formation of Pleasure Club who in 2001 released the stunning Here Comes The Trick'.

Pleasure Club called it a day in early 2005 after releasing the album that should've catapulted them into stardom - The Fugitive Kind'.

James is currently recording his third solo album in Atlanta, Georgia.

Please note that some areas of the site are not yet finished. They should be ready over the next few days...

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Cheers, Pete.